Roof Replacement- 8 Critical Signs That Show You Need It

The roof is the shield of a house. It is important for homeowners to examine their residence roofs and take preventative measures to ensure the safety of themselves and their families. Roofing of your house protects your family from storms, rain, snow.

Roofs are made up of many different materials that are carefully placed and layered. It is very beneficial to know about your roof because it will help you understand its health and when you need to think of roof maintenance or replaced.

Roof inspection and fixing broken roofs at the right time will save you a lot of time and money in the future while keeping your family safer from the possible risks of waiting for the last minute.

There are many different signs that show that you need a roof replacement.

  1. Head up to the attic for your own roof inspection

The first place to check the quality of your roof is on the inside of your home. Many people forget to do an interior check of their roof to determine its health. In order to do this, it is important to have a bright flashlight and head up to your attic.

The first thing to check is to see if there is any light coming through the roof. If you see light coming through your roof it is a serious indication to consider a roof replacement. This means that roof leaking is inevitable and water could get through and the roof.

If there are any dark stains on the underside of your roof or on the walls, this shows the path that water goes through your roof when it is leaking. Look closely to see if moisture damage has been causing your roof to sag. This not only damages your residential roof but compromises the strength of your home’s structure. Get your local best roofer to provide a free roofing estimate, if needed. Remember that Roofing underlayment is a critical factor for extending the life of your roof. Check here for more information.

  1. Go outside and look at your neighbor’s roofs

If your neighbors are getting their roofs replaced, that is a big sign that you should too. Most homes were built around the same time and with the same structure. Apart from this, they are also experiencing the same weather conditions. This will cause your roofs to become worse around the same time.

Review your home improvement records to the last time your roof was replaced, this will give you an idea on how much longer it will last. If your roof is close to or above 20 years old, it definitely needs roof inspection. Ask for a friendly local roofer to do an inspection and provide an estimate. At least it will help plan your expenses. The right roofing company will provide you quality products, best roofing products, and service. Best and honest Roofing contractors like us provide quality roofing systems with free estimates and don’t push on sales.

  1. Check your roof for Water Damage

Water damage will show on the outside of a home too. This will cause leaks, sagging spots, stain, and rotting tiles. Friendly Roofing companies can provide solutions and tricks to save your roof.

  1. Check your roof for Moss

Do not worry if you see some moss build up on your roof. This is not always a sign that it needs replacing. The buildup makes your roof look a lot less appealing. However, in many cases the moss is the result of trapped moisture on your roof. This roof damage will weaken your roof greatly.

  1. Check your roof for Rotting

There are many different types of rotting that could happen to a damaged roof. These signs range from rotten tiles that are broken, have mold on them or tiles that are missing. This is most common on asphalt roofs.

  1. Check your roof for problems with your Asphalt shingles

Your roof undergoes a lot of resistance during storms from hail, rain, heavy winds and maybe more. This causes the roof shingles to go through some damage. Look at the top of your roof to make sure that the shingles lie flat against the roof and that they are not rotten, curling up, or cracked. If there are shingles that are broken or out of place, you need to go for roof repair or roof replacement immediately. Get your local best roofer to provide a free roofing estimate. Look for roofing contractors who buy top quality products like CertainTeed for both Asphalt shingles as well as underlayment etc.

  1. Check your gutter

Many people forget this step when examining their roofs. In many cases, there are particles and pieces of Asphalt shingles hiding in your gutter. They have fallen off your asphalt shingles after a storm or due to rotting. This shows that your roof is more prone to future water damage and decay. Get your local best roofer to provide a free roofing estimate.

  1. Do not forget to check your “roof valley”

This is the part of your roof that is sloping down and meeting another side. This is a common spot for decay as water or other materials can get stuck in it during a storm.

Let us look at your roof today with a no-obligation inspection. I will bring my drone so that you can see live pictures/videos of your roof. We are known for our transparency and honest prices. No sales push. You decide based on what you with your own eyes.

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