10 Roofing Blogs to learn for Roofing shingles and Roofing replacement Residential Projects

Asphalt shingles roofs are the most common and generally the most inexpensive roof remedy– they are low-maintenance and straightforward to set up. However, due to the labor and the complexity of the job, the project’s total cost is high enough for a homeowner to take an in-depth look. Moreover, we believe Roof is the shield of the house, and we must pay attention to what kind of shingles we buy and who (local roofing contractor) we ask to replace your Roof. Education is key to getting the best out of your dollar spent. This is why we have collected the top roofing blogs, tips, etc. to decide on both the best quality shingles and the best local roofer, roofing contractor company.

1.   Roofing Contractor Magazine Blog


Roofing Contractor is the most trusted source for roofing industry news and information. From the basics such as steep and low-slope roofs to the advanced topics of cool roofing, green roofs, rooftop solar, and shingle recycling, we have it all. Open a page or click a link to see why Roofing Contractor is the go-to source for successful roofing professionals.


2.   Roof Scoop Blog

Roof Scoop is the official blog of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), publishing timely news and commentary of interest to the roofing industry.

3.   IKO Roofing Blog

IKO is now a worldwide enterprise with more than 3,500 employees and more than 25 manufacturing plants in Canada, the United States, England, Belgium, Holland, France, and Slovakia. The company ships roofing products to 96 countries around the globe. They have many high-quality blogs on roofing.


4.   GAF Blog

GAF has many roofing shingles products for your roofing needs. Their blogs can be a fantastic tool for you.


5.   CertainTeed Blog

With more than 300 Roofing options to choose from and quality standards that lead the industry, you can rest comfortably knowing CertainTeed has you covered. Their products are of top quality.


For anyone interested in roofing materials or simply how things are made, this short video offers a snapshot of CertainTeed’s world-class asphalt shingle manufacturing operations. An underappreciated process will be eye-opening for contractors, distributors, and consumers alike. You’ll come away with valuable insights on the durability and value of CertainTeed’s roofing materials.


6.   Roofing insights

Roofing Insights is a channel targeted toward roofing Contractors and companies and anyone involved in the roofing industry. The excellent information is available for both Roofing contractors. You and your local roofer can benefit a lot by going through their videos. Roofing Shingle’s quality is not the only thing. They have to be applied correctly with high-quality roofing underlay types of products that are not visible but protect.


7.   This Old House

Tons of videos and advice for different parts of the home project, including roofing.


8.   Roof intelligence.com

Many videos are going over roofing intricacies that can help roofers and homeowners alike. Go over to understand what’s needed for a quality job to be done on a roofing project. 

9. Practical Roofing Concepts

Practical Roofing Concepts is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people learn about roofing. Even experienced roofing persons may be able to benefit from this channel. Basic how-to info will enlighten, educate, and in some cases, entertain people within the roofing and related subjects.


10. House improvements

Even though we advise not to do DIY roofing because of complexities involved, here are some tips that can help educate and identify the best roofing contractor near you.

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