Chris Toon's 25+ Years of Experience You Can Trust

A military veteran,Founder and CEO Christopher Toon brings hard work ethic, unmatched industry knowledge, and team of trusted specialists to work for you. We proudly serve: Butler county Ohio, Montgomery County Ohio and Warren County Ohio Expert ContractorZ 935 Obenour Ct. Monroe, Ohio 45050
With unparalleled experience in the industry, Chris has learned that the best way to do business is by fostering great relationships worthy of referrals. So, with each job, you can expect exceptional quality at the lowest possible prices.  

While working with many real estate investors, our Founder & CEO Chris discovered a secret that was hidden from you for so long:

The start of ExpertContractorz team in Monroe Ohio came from Chris’s vision to provide you (the hardworking homeowner) the same access to prices, quality, and service that was available to those savvy investors. I know this because I also buy houses as investor and realtor -for a out of state investor (-Chris Toon)
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